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School Registration Form





                   Street         City              State           Zip


Cell Phone_____________ Other Phone____________



Are you proficient with a Manual Transmission?______

Have you attended a driving school before?__________

If so, when and where?__________________________

Will you have any special interests, requirements or

health needs while attending our school?____________

What vehicle(s) do you own?______________________


Driving Suit Size:____ Helmet Size____ Glove Size_____


NOTICE:  All deposits are non-refundable.  If a date

change is necessary, a minimum of 30 days

advanced notice must be given in order for the

deposit to apply to the new date.  If due notice is

not given, the deposit shall be forfeited.


Prices for 2010 

1-Day High Performance Driving School:  $995

2-Day High Performance Driving School:  $2,100



Non-refundable deposit required at booking:  $995

Any balance remaining is due 14 days prior to school.

Cash, Checks and Visa/Mastercard accepted.


Make checks payable to:

Gulf Coast Racing Schools

1479 Magazine St., #2

New Orleans, LA 70130


Credit Card Users:


V or MC:________  #: _________________________


Expiration Date:________________


Name on Card: ______________________________


3-Digit Code on Back: _________________


Signature: __________________________________

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