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How To: ClubRegistration

Getting started at

Follow these steps:

1.      Click on “Create Account”


2.     Choose a Username and Password and click on “Create”


3.     Complete your “Profile” and click on “Update” **Any

page that you enter information make sure you click on

“Update”.  You may have to scroll down the page before

you see the “Update” button.


4.     Fill in the information on the subsequent pages

(Vehicles, Experience, Emergency Contacts and

Memberships) making sure you click “Update” at the

bottom of each page.  It takes a few minutes to fill in the

information  but it will save you time later from having to

go back and fill in the blanks.


5.     Now you can “Search for Events”.  Click on “Search for

Events” in the red bar under the big “CR”.  Under “Club”

choose “Circuit at Grand Bayou” and click on the “Search”

button.  You will see all the events we have posted at

this time.  Find the one you are interested in and  click on

the “Continue…” button for that event.


6.     There are 3 tabs of information to view – “Event

 Information”, “Entry Fees” and “Event Options”.


7.     Click on the “REGISTER” button located in the middle

of the page under “Options” in the red bar.  Follow the

prompts to complete your registration.


If you get stuck and need more help then send an email

to Lois Wilken, at

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